solar rig

Caprica Solar provides an all-round service from simple Back-up to full off grid living. We offer highly efficient systems to suit any budget, fully installed by our professionals. We service and maintain these systems to give you peace of mind. Keep calm and Go Solar!



2000W Starter System

Easily powers a tv, lights and small fridge.

Suitable for Back-up & Off Grid.





2400W Home Starter Solar System:

2400W 24VDC Hybrid Solar Inverter

4 x 250W PV Panels

4 x 100AH Batteries

Advanced Circuit protections and cabling




4KW hybrid Inverter System


Includes software with Graphical user interface to monitor and configure system

4 x deep cycle gel batteries (200AH)

4 x 300W 24V Amerisolar Monocrystalline Panels

Runs a businesss premises with high demand efficiently and quietly.

*Installation is site specific and requires inspection by one of our technical experts



6kw Home System:


6000W Pure sine wave Inverter 48V

20 x 250W Amerisolar Mono crystalline Panels


3 x Smart 60A/48v Charge controllers – PWM technology –  fully programmable for day night operation

Advanced Circuit protections and cabling

*Installation cost is site specific and starts from R3500.00


 8KW / 48V System :


This inverter excells when running a large house with sizable loads.

Runs multiple TV sets and freezer or fridges.

Run The Microwave and without stopping the iron or kettle.

Excellent for full off grid systems

8 Gel Batteries

20 PV Panels

60A Smart Charge Controller.


PW 8KW: Click here for detailed information.

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