Axpert 5kw Go Solar Combo


R33,000.00 R33,000.00

  • 5000VA / 4000W Hybrid Inverter Charger
  • Inbuilt MPPT Solar charge Controller (60Amp) takes upto 3kw pv array
  • 220V Output
  • 48V DC Input
  • Up to 6 of these unit can be connected in parallel for up to 30KVA – Parallel card included
  • 60Amp AC Battery Charger inbuilt
  • Can be used for 3-phase installations, even in asymetric layouts, like e.g. 4 inverters in one phase and one in the others.
  • Overload and short circuit protection,
  • Intuitive and programmable
  • Prioritises between DC input, AC mains input or Solar
  • Net weight : 13.5Kg,

Product Description

axpert4kw Go Solar Combo


4KW hybrid Inverter with built-in mppt charge controller, battery charger, runs on solar and battery and controls charging with mains or solar when necessary.

4 x deep cycle batteries (100AH)

3 x 260W PV Panels

*Installation is site specific and requires inspection by one of our technical experts


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