Voltronics Axpert 5kva 5kw 48V

axpert 4kw inverter

R16,500.00 R16,500.00

  • 5000VA / 4000W Hybrid Inverter Charger
  • Inbuilt MPPT Solar charge Controller (60Amp) takes upto 3kw pv array
  • 220V Output
  • 48V DC Input
  • Up to 6 of these unit can be connected in parallel for up to 30KVA – Parallel card included
  • 60Amp AC Battery Charger inbuilt
  • Can be used for 3-phase installations, even in asymetric layouts, like e.g. 4 inverters in one phase and one in the others.
  • Overload and short circuit protection,
  • Intuitive and programmable
  • Prioritises between DC input, AC mains input or Solar
  • Net weight : 13.5Kg,

Product Description

The Axpert 5kva/5kw Hybrid Inverter is one of the best value for money inverters available.

it is a full package inverter consisting of a combination of 5000W state of the art noiseless transformer, a 60A MPPT charge regulator to efficiently charge your battery bank from the solar array. It is a hybrid inverter and will also run your house directly off the solar power produced where there is sufficient supply.

This inverter is intuitive and highly customisable.

Software to monitor your usage and consumption is available in real time and in the form of a log.

You can finally take control of your power!

All inverters provided by Caprica Solar are covered for maintenance and service.

Axpert 5kva/5kw Hybrid Inverter



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