3600w Inverter 24v_EPS3624


R8,995.00 R8,995.00

◆Continuous output inverter and high power battery charger included.
◆High efficient, high surge capacity and low idle current.
◆Supply energy to various loads such as resistive load, inductive load, motors and rectifier load.
◆Load sensing adjustable.
◆Long backup time up to 10 hours
(based on the battery bank and loads).

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Product Description

EPS3624 not only is an inverter but also contains a powerful smart charger. Actually, it contains three modules in a single unit: inverter, charger and switch.


The EPS is a heavy-duty, continuous working module generating a sinusoidal modified step wave from a 12V/24V – battery bank, which can supply energy to various loads such as resistive load (heater),inductive load (air conditioners, refrigerator),motors (vacuum cleaners), and rectifier load (computer). All EPS series are designed to work in heavy load condition. De-rating is not necessary. It provides a rapid and complete charging process.


The smart charger can be set with different charging profiles and battery capacities to match in various battery types and sizes. The switch module automatically diverts the energy transfer path between inverter and utility source. When the utility source is lower than the transfer level, the path switches to the inverter. Otherwise the load is conducted to the utility source. The transfer time is 1/4~1/2 of the total cycle time. The high power charger (120A) can charge a 12V/1600 AH battery bank in 14 hours. For example, a single unit of EPS2424 with a 1600 AH battery bank can supply a 2000W workload for over 8 hours after a charge of 14 hours.




3600W Inverter 24v_EPS3624

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