Devel 3000W Inverter 48v LPT3000

devel 2000w

R8,995.00 R8,995.00

Devel 3000w inverter is a 5.5kva system.

This inverter is suitable for a normal household and will produce 3000w continously. It is a 48v system, however 24v systems are also available.

This inverter will run fridge, freezer and microwave loads where there is sufficient battery capacity.

Devel 3000W Inverter 48v LPT3000


Product Description

Features of Devel 3000W/3kw  inverter LPT3000

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Input & Output full isolation
  • AC charger with 4-stage charge mode, up to 75A
  • High efficiency design up to 85%, energy saving mode
  • Excellent loads with 3-star rated start power
  • 7 LED display shows the work and charging station
  • Built-in LCD display to show data
  • Built-in AC bypass relay, UPS function
  • Advanced Microprocessor control
  • Input polarity/ UVP/ OVP/ OSP/ OLP/ OTP
  • Remote Control
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