Inverter Repairs

Inverter problems? Sorted!

At Caprica Solar, we performs repairs to a majority of inverters in and around Southern Africa.

We have seasoned technical and indepth knowledge of how inverters function and have the requisite skills to repair most faults.

We tackle faults such as surge or overload damage, failure to start up completely or charging issues from both AC and Solar. 

Upon repairs we will also advise on how to prevent future catastrophies so that you have peace of mind when getting your inverter reinstalled. 

We provide a complete refurbishment and we guarantee the workmanship (Terms and conditions apply). 

We perfom inverter repairs to most brands of inverters.

We perform inverter repairs to some major brands such as:

Powerstar, Devel, Skyking, Voltronics Axpert, Must, Mecer, RCT, Powerstar, Gen-quip, Sukam, Kevin Power, Microtek, Blondel Power, EPS, Santak, Powerjack, Meanwell, TBE, Microcare, Imeon, Fivestar, Deye, Ellies, Solarwise and many more.

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Please note that an inverter assessment is charged upfront and the fee is size dependent.


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