Deye 12kw 48v Hybrid Inverter – 3phase

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3-phase Deye 12kw inverter is a true hybrid Device,
Functions with 48V lithium batteries or AGM/Gel.
The Deye is a touch screen operated inverter and the interface is user friendly and highly customisable.

It supports three phase unbalanced output, which widens its applications
Can use Solar Dc input and combine it with Gen power as well as utility.
Communicates with Most BMS protocols.

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Get the Deye 12kw 3 phase Hybrid inverter and never look back.
This inverter is a dream come true, Reliable and intelligent inverter, nothing like it.
The 12kw Deye inverter is a Three Phase Device that operates on Unbalanced phases, the inverter will provide to each phase as the load requires.
Designed with a High voltage Dual MPPT system so that solar panel input is maximised.

This is a True Hybrid Inverter that actually combines power sources such as wind, solar, generator or utility.
It utilizes a Low Voltage Battery of 48v. Perfect with a lithium battery bank of 10kwh and above.

Able to export to grid or send excess to house loads that feed from utility via a CT clamp that measures demand.
Zero exporting function, fast reaction within 200ms in zero export mode.

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