Battery 3.6kwh 48v Kodak BL3.6


3.6kwh Lithium battery with high continuous output. Compatible with Kodak inverters.

10 Year warranty subject to correct usage.


A 3600wh Kodak BL3.6 battery is a 48v battery designed to output a continuous discharge of 5000wh. This is suitable for your 5kw inverter. The Kodak BL3.6 is easy to scale with up to 15 other units.

The battery has up to 6000+ cycles depending on the DoD of the battery.*

  • 1.5 C industry leading C- rating allows single battery deployments for 5kW inverter systems
  • 3.686 kWh capable of 15 units in parallel totaling 55.29 kWhrs
  • RS485 and CAN communication ensures full compatibility with KODAK and Sunsynk
  • Industry leading 95% DOD allowing for more useable capacity from the battery
  • 10 year standard warranty

Due to the high discharge power of the BL3.6 Kodak battery, it is highly recommended to use bus bars for the battery connections.

*Cycle life depends on DoD set via inverter.

80% DoD @ 25°C = 6000+ cycles.

Up to 95% DoD @ 25°C = 3600+ cycles


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