Fivestar Portable Power Station 2000w


Portable power station is a plug and play unit that gives you access to power wherever you are. Noiseless but powerful device to keep your essentials running.

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The Fivestar Portable Power Station 2000w is easy to use. It can be charged by Solar and AC input, to store the energy in its built-in Lithium Battery, Can directly supply power to the essential appliances during power outages. Integrates power generation and storage and uninterrupted power supply.

Super quiet and perfect as a power source when camping, business or office use.

Useful for Suburban or rural energy requirements. Durable and reliable.

Model: FSPPS-2000

Storage Capacity: 2024WH

Charging Power: 150W

AC charging input voltage: 170-280Vac

AC output voltage: 220Vac(Pure Sine Wave)

AC output frequency: 50Hz

AC rated output power: 2000W

AC peak output power: 3000W

DC Output Interface: USB2.1 port(3 channels) ,

TYPE-C port(1 Channels)

QC3.0 port(2channels),

DC5521 port (2 channels),

Cigarette lighter output port (1 Channels) DC Output Interface: Charging: -10 degree ~ 50 degree ,

discharging: -20 degree ~ 60 degree Self-Discharge (25 degree):: Less 3% / Month

Product Size: 445 x 278 x 662mm Weight: 14.5kg

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Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 27.8 × 66.2 cm
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