Leoch Solar LFeLi-48100S2 51.2v 100ah


One of the most efficient and reliable batteries.

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Leoch Solar LFeLi-48100S 51.2v 100ah

Nominal Voltage: 51.2v

Nominal Capacity: 100ah

Energy: 5120wh

Voltage range: 48~55V (limit: 45~57.6V)

Internet Resistance: <50mΩ

Cycle life: >3500 cycles @ 100% DOD 25 ̊C

Self discharge per month: <3%

Charge Voltage: 57V (±0.6V)

Charge Current: Recommended 20~50A

Max Discharge Current: 100A Continuous (120130A Pulse)

Communication: CAN or R485 (+RS232 to USB)

Temperature: –20~60 ̊C


Max Cycle (Design Life): More than 16000 Cycles at 10% DOD (more than 20 years)

Min Cycle Life (Operating Life ): More than 3500 at 100% DOD (@ 25°C) (more than 9 years)

DOD: Recommended: 95%max [Note consider connected device’s low power consumption]


SoftStart/Precharge: 0.1~0.2A (Allows low current start up for inverter such as Victron and Schneider that do not include softstart) (Inverter capacitor precharger)

Built in DC Breaker: 125A DC breaker and power button.

Auto Shutdown: Low Cell sleep

Over/Undervoltage protection: Load disconnect

AutoRecovery: Recovers: UVP with charge, OVP with discharge and balancing.

Over/UnderTemp Protection: Charging: 0 to +50°C | Discharging: 20 to +50°C | Storage: 20 to +60°C

Charge Current Limiting: To 20A (Settable) [Default activation: 60A, settable]

Warrantee: 4Years (extended 7 year)

Communication: RS485; RS232; CAN

Flame Retardant: UL94V0

Ratings: IP31; CEUN38.3; IEC62619; ISO14001; ISO9001


Active protocols: Sunsynk (Deye, Fusion), Schneider, Phocos, EAST, Victron, Lux power, Growatt, SolaX, Goodwe, Imeon Energy, Selectronic, Sofar, Solis, Sungrow, Delios, Sematic


Operating temperature: 15 ~ 35°C (0 ~ 60°C)

Terminals: Double Poled (rated 125A across terminal)

Max relative humidity: 90%

Net Weight: 49kg

Display: LCD + LEDs

Alarm: Led and buzzer (settable)

Unit Dimensions [W×H×D]: 442 × 177 × 431 (mm)


Rated Voltage: 51.2V (47.8V ~ 55V) [16 Cell]

Range Limit: [45V ~ 57.6VMax]

Recommended Charge Setting: Bulk/Boost/Absorption: 57V | Float: 55V

Cutoff: 48~50V (without communication) | 520% (with SOC settings)

Rated Capacity: 100Ah (5120Wh)

Max Charge current: 50A [100APeak]

Max Discharge current: 100A [125APeak]

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 43.1 × 44.2 × 17.7 cm
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