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So you wanna go solar? Well we are here to assist you as you start the renewable energy journey!

The first place to start is why and then how.

Why should you go solar?

Advantages and benefits are mainly to have freedom from the unreliable and expensive utility supply. The other reason is to maximize on the use of the sun’s free and under-utilised energy. Renewable energy means you are tapping into an abundant energy supply rather than a depleting energy source such as coal. Solar energy has no adverse impact on the environment and is the solution for long term sustainability.

As Caprica Solar, we specialize in providing home and office energy solutions such as the following:

  • Back up solutions to mitigate against loadshedding and power outages.
  • Off-grid installations or semi off-grid as a cost saving solution.
  • Solar geyser solutions for energy consumption reduction

Our maintenance services include: inverter repairs, battery replacement, and upgrades to your installation.

We are here to help you save money and time.

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Contact Caprica solar – open source energy for new solar installations. Back up solutions, Off grid solutions, Inverter repairs and battery replacement. We also offer Energy saving solutions such as solar geyser installations and retrofitting. You cannot lose with solar. You can only win!