A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system is a critical part of any organisation as it prevents power fluctuations, spikes or dips. Most importantly, a UPS system keeps your electronics running and prevents downtime which may cause loss of information or affect a company’s productivity. Caprica Solar’s servicing and maintaining of various UPS systems for its clients has resulted in many potential downtime events being avoided.

Preventive maintenance is critical if you do not wish to have your UPS system fail suddenly. If you need UPS repairs done then do not delay, get in touch with us immediately.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional than to attempt UPS repairs yourself? It would be safer and less lethal as the voltages inside a UPS system are dangerously high and the end-user risks damaging the UPS system by attempting ‘DIY’ UPS repairs for themselves.

Allow your UPS repairs to be carried out by the Caprica Solar team. Let us service and maintain your UPS system so that you can have peace of mind in the event of a blackout. We urge you to take deliberate steps to consult with our UPS Repair technicians to implement a maintenance schedule for your UPS system.

Get in Touch With Us to find out more about a UPS Repair and Maintenance Program that suits your budget. We Provide UPS repair service in and around Johannesburg, South Africa.

We Repair UPS And Inverter Systems

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