Battery Disposal (Lead Acid)

Did you know that all the components of a battery are recyclable and reusable. New batteries are primarily made of previously recycled components.

Batteries consist of plastic, lead and sulfuric Acid. The plastic can be reused in manufacturing of new battery cases. The lead parts are taken through a smelting process where impurities are separated from the lead. Battery manufactures use this lead to make new lead plates or other battery parts. The Sulfuric acid or battery acid is neutralised. It is taken through a process that turns it into water. It enters our water system to be treated at a water purification plant. The sulfuric acid can also be used in the making of new batteries or other products such as household detergents, glass or in textile.

Don’t just leave your old battery to become a poisonous hazard. An old battery should not be mixed with new batteries. Old batteries can explode and you should not continue to use or charge them when the are older than the recommended design life.

Let us help you dispose of your old batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We encourage you to contact Caprica Solar if you need help with the disposal of old and unwanted batteries. Remember that batteries can be recycled and all their components can be reused to make new batteries.

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