SunSynk Hybrid Inverter 5.5kW + Wifi Dongle-SG01LP1

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• 220V single phase, pure sine wave inverter
• Self consumption & feed-in to the grid
• Auto re-start while AC is recovering
• Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
• Programmable multiple operation modes; on-grid / off-grid & UPS
• Configurable battery charging – current / voltage based on applications by LCD setting
• Configurable AC / solar / generator charger priority by LCD setting
• Compatible with mains voltage or generator power
• Overload / over-temperature / short-circuit protection
• Smart battery charger designer optimised battery protection
• Limit-function installed to prevent excess power overflow to grid
• Supporting Wi-Fi monitoring and built-in 2 strings of MPP trackers
• Smart settable 3-stage MPPT charging for optimised battery performance
• Time of use function• Smart load function

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The Inverter is user friendly and can suits the following applications:
  • Marine (vessel power management)
  • Power shedding (home / office / factory)
  • Home cost saving where you use solar to offset electricity bills
  • UPS (fuel saving systems)
  • Remote locations with solar and wind generators
  • WiFi Dongle included
  • 5 Year warranty

The Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter with WiFi is a highly efficient power management Device that allows the you to manage power coming from multiple sources such as Solar, Grid and generator. It also allows you to effectively store and release power as required.

Dimension:233 x 445 x 708 mm
Warranty: 5 years

Protection Degree: IP65



Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 233 × 445 × 708 cm



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Sunsynk 5kw Hybrid Inverter

Sunsunk 5KW Hybrid Inverter

 Higher yields.

  • Improve self-consumption ratio up to 80%, reducing your electricity bill.
  • DC/AC ratio up to 1.3, completely suitable for double-side PV modular.
  • Two MPPT design, Max. efficiency of 97.6%.


  • LCD Touch screen and buttons, easy operation.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion battery and lead acid battery.
  • Web browser and mobile App monitoring supported.


  • PV lighting protection, Anti-islanding protection, Leakage current protection etc.
  • Support store energy from DG when needed, ensure the system working within 7*24H.
  • IP65 protection degree, adapt to indoor and outdoor using.
  • Automatically switch from on-grid to off-grid mode within 5ms.
  • Zero exporting function, fast reaction within 200ms in zero export mode.


  • Programmable charging and discharging schedule.
  • Both wind turbines and solar panels can be connected as DC input power.
  • Max. 16 units can be paralleled for higher system power.
  • Retrofitting of existing solar system to energy storage system.

Battery Input Data

  • Battery Type: Lead-acid or Li-lon
  • Battery Voltage Range (V): 40-60V
  • Max. Charging Current (A): 120A
  • Max. Discharging Current (A): 120A
  • Charging curve: 3 Stages/Equalization
  • External Temperature Sensor: Optional
  • Charging Strategy for Lithium Battery: Self-adaption to BMS

PV String Input Data

  • Max. DC Input Power (W): 6500W.
  • PV input Voltage (V): 370V (100V-500V).
  • MPPT Range (V): 125-425V.
  • Start-up Voltage (V): 150V.
  • PV Input Current (A): 11A + 11A.
  • No. of MPPT Trackers: 2
  • No. of Strings Per MPPT Tracker: 1+1.

AC Output Data

  • Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W): 5000W
  • Max AC Output Power (W): 5500W
  • Peak Power(off-grid): 2 times of rated power, 10 S.
  • AC Output Rated Current(A): 21.7.4A
  • Max.AC Current(A): 25A
  • Max Continuous AC Pass-through(A): 35A.
  • Output Frequency and Voltage: 50Hz; 240Vac,
  • Grid Type: THD<3%(Linear load<1.5%).
  • Current Harmonic Distortion: THD<3% (Linear load<1.5%).


  • Max. Efficiency: 97.60%
  • Euro Efficiency: 96.50%
  • MPPT Efficiency: 99.90%


  • PV Arc Fault Detection: Integrated (Except European Type)
  • PV Input Lightning Protection: Integrated
  • Anti -islanding Protection: Integrated
  • PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection: Integrated
  • Insulation Resistor Detection: Integrated
  • Residual Current Monitoring Unit: Integrated
  • Output over Current Protection: Integrated
  • Output Shorted Protection: Integrated
  • Output over Voltage Protection: Integrated

Certifications and Standards

  • Grid Regulation: UL1741, IEEE1547, RULE21, VDE0126, AS4777, NRS2017, G98, G99, IEC61683, IEC62116, IE61727
  • Safety Regulation: IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2
  • EMC: EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, FCC 15 class B

General Data

  • Operating Temperature Range ( C ): -25—60 C , >45 C Derating
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Noise (dB): <30
  • Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN
  • Weight (kg): 20.5
  • Size (mm): 580 X 330 X 208mm
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • Installation Style: Wall-mounted
  • Warranty: 5 years

Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter Guide

This guide dives deep into everything you need to know about the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter, a popular choice for South African homeowners looking to harness the power of the sun. Whether you’re a complete solar newbie or looking to expand your knowledge, this comprehensive resource will equip you with the information to make informed decisions about your solar power setup. You don’t have to read everything. Just click on the table of contents below to get answers about whether the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter is right for you.

Table of Contents

Installation and Setup: Powering Up Your Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid InverterFinding a Qualified Solar Installer: Expert Guidance for a Smooth Process

Table of Contents

What are Hybrid Inverters? The Brains Behind Your Solar System

A solar inverter plays a crucial role in your solar power system. It essentially translates the direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) that powers your home’s appliances. Hybrid inverters, like the Sunsynk 5kW, take things a step further. They not only handle grid-tied solar applications but can also integrate with battery storage for off-grid or backup power capabilities.

Key Features of the Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter boasts a range of features designed to optimize your solar power experience. Let’s explore these features in detail:

Unleashing Solar Power: Efficient Energy Harvesting

The Sunsynk 5kW comes equipped with built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers. These intelligent controllers ensure your solar panels operate at their optimal efficiency, maximizing the amount of usable energy extracted from sunlight. Here’s a simplified explanation: Solar panel output can fluctuate depending on factors like temperature and sunlight intensity. MPPT constantly monitors these conditions and adjusts the system to ensure your panels operate at their “peak power point,” maximizing power generation.

Grid-Tie Capabilities: Selling Excess Power Back to the Grid

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter boasts grid-tie functionality. This means your system can seamlessly connect to the utility grid i.e. Eskom. During periods of high solar production and low energy consumption, any excess electricity your system generates gets fed back into the grid. Many utility companies offer net metering programs, which essentially credit your account for the power you contribute. This credit can then be used to offset the electricity you draw from the grid at night or on cloudy days, potentially reducing your electricity bills significantly. Here’s an example: Imagine your solar system generates 10kWh of electricity on a sunny day, but your household only consumes 5kWh. The remaining 5kWh of excess power would be sent back to the grid through the Sunsynk inverter. Depending on your net metering program, you might receive a credit for those 5kWh, reducing your overall electricity bill.

Self-Consumption Optimization: Maximize Solar Use Before Grid Reliance

The Sunsynk 5kW prioritizes using your self-generated solar energy before drawing power from the grid. This feature, known as self-consumption optimization, helps you maximize the use of your solar power system and reduce reliance on the utility grid. The inverter intelligently manages your system’s power flow, directing solar energy to your home’s appliances first. Only when your solar production is insufficient or during nighttime hours would the system automatically switch to drawing power from the grid.

Generator Support: Backup Power for Peace of Mind

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter offers optional generator support. This functionality allows you to integrate a backup generator with your solar power system. In the event of a power outage or extended periods of low sunlight, the generator can automatically kick in and provide your home with electricity. Important Note: Adding generator support might require additional equipment and configuration. Consult with a qualified solar installer to discuss your specific needs and ensure proper integration.

Remote Monitoring: Keep an Eye on Your System’s Health

The Sunsynk 5kW offers optional remote monitoring capabilities. By adding a separate data logger (sold separately), you can access real-time data about your system’s performance from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to:
  • Monitor solar energy production
  • Track your power consumption
  • View battery health and status
  • Identify potential issues and troubleshoot problems

User-Friendly Design: Simple Setup and Operation

The Sunsynk 5kW is renowned for its user-friendly design. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who are new to solar power systems. The inverter boasts a clear and intuitive interface, simplifying setup and operation. Detailed manuals and readily available online resources further enhance the user experience. You can also message us directly and we’ll help you out.

Benefits of Owning a Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter

Integrating a Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter into your home solar power system offers a multitude of benefits:
  • Reduced Electricity Bills: By harnessing the power of the sun and potentially utilizing net metering programs, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the grid, leading to lower electricity bills.
  • Increased Energy Independence: A solar power system with battery backup capabilities (optional) empowers you to take greater control of your energy needs, minimizing dependence on the utility grid.
  • Environmentally Friendly Choice: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource. By switching to solar power, you contribute to a greener future by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Potential Financial Incentives: Many government programs offer rebates and tax credits to encourage homeowners to adopt solar power. These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost of your solar system.
  • Peace of Mind with Backup Power (Optional): The optional generator support feature ensures you have a reliable backup power source during outages, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted electricity.

Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter: Ideal Applications

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter is a versatile solution for various solar power applications:
  • Residential Solar Power Systems: With a 5kW power output, the Sunsynk 5kW is ideally suited for powering small to medium-sized homes. This capacity can generate enough clean energy to meet the daily electricity needs of many households.
  • Off-Grid or Backup Power Applications: The hybrid functionality, coupled with optional battery storage, makes the Sunsynk 5kW a compelling option for off-grid living or situations requiring backup power capabilities.

Compatibility Considerations: Choosing the Right Batteries and Solar Panels

To ensure optimal performance and seamless integration with your Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter, compatibility plays a crucial role. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations:

Battery Compatibility: Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance

The Sunsynk 5kW boasts wide-ranging battery compatibility. It can work with various battery brands and chemistries, including:
  • Lead-Acid Batteries: A traditional and cost-effective option, though lifespan and performance may be lower compared to lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Offer longer lifespan, higher efficiency, and deeper discharge capabilities compared to lead-acid batteries, but typically come at a higher initial cost.
Important Note: Always consult the Sunsynk 5kW manual and compatibility list to ensure you choose batteries specifically designed for use with this inverter model. Using incompatible batteries can compromise system performance and safety.

Lead-Acid vs. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Weighing the Options

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for your Sunsynk 5kW system:
Feature Lead-Acid Batteries Lithium-Ion Batteries
Cost Lower upfront cost Higher upfront cost
Lifespan Shorter lifespan (3-5 years) Longer lifespan (10+ years)
Efficiency Lower efficiency Higher efficiency
Depth of Discharge (DoD) Limited DoD (typically 50%) Deeper DoD (typically 80-100%)
Maintenance Requires regular maintenance Requires minimal maintenance
Environmental Impact Less environmentally friendly More environmentally friendly
  Choosing the right battery type depends on your budget, desired performance, and long-term goals. For a budget-conscious option, lead-acid batteries might suffice. However, if you prioritize longevity, efficiency, and deeper discharge capabilities, lithium-ion batteries are a better long-term investment.

Solar Panel Compatibility: Matching Power Output for Efficiency

The Sunsynk 5kW inverter has a maximum DC input of 6.5kW. This means your solar panel array’s total DC power output should ideally fall within this range for optimal performance. Here’s how to ensure compatibility:
  1. Check Your Solar Panels’ Wattage: Each solar panel has a specific wattage rating indicating its power output under standard test conditions.
  2. Calculate Your Total System Wattage: Add up the individual wattages of all the solar panels you plan to install.
  3. Ensure Compatibility: The total DC power output of your solar panel array should not exceed the Sunsynk 5kW inverter’s maximum DC input of 6.5kW.
Consulting with a qualified solar installer is highly recommended when selecting solar panels for your Sunsynk 5kW system. They can help you choose panels with the appropriate wattage and ensure compatibility with your inverter, maximizing your system’s efficiency.

Installation and Setup: Powering Up Your Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter

Installing a solar power system requires expertise and adherence to safety regulations. Here’s a basic overview of the process:

Finding a Qualified Solar Installer: Expert Guidance for a Smooth Process

The best approach is to partner with a reputable and experienced solar installer. They will handle the entire installation process, ensuring everything is done correctly and according to safety standards. Look for installers who are certified to work with Sunsynk inverters and have a proven track record of successful solar system installations. Here are some tips for finding a qualified solar installer:
  • Get quotes from multiple installers: This allows you to compare pricing and services offered by different companies.
  • Check online reviews and testimonials: Read what other customers have to say about the installer’s work ethic and quality of service.
  • Ask for references: Contact past clients of the installer to get firsthand feedback about their experience.
  • Ensure proper licensing and certifications: Make sure the installer holds the necessary licenses and certifications to operate in your area and work with Sunsynk inverters.

Installation Overview: What to Expect During the Setup

The solar installation process typically involves several steps:
  1. Site Assessment: The installer will visit your property to assess factors like roof suitability, sun exposure, and your overall electricity needs.
  2. System Design: Based on the site assessment, the installer will design a solar power system tailored to your specific requirements. This includes selecting the appropriate number of solar panels and ensuring compatibility with the Sunsynk 5kW inverter.
  3. Permitting and Inspections: The installer will handle the necessary

Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter: Essential Features Explained

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter boasts a range of features designed to optimize your solar power experience. Let’s delve deeper into some of these key functionalities:

MPPT Solar Charge Controller: Optimizing Solar Energy Production

As mentioned earlier, the Sunsynk 5kW comes equipped with built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers. These intelligent controllers play a crucial role in maximizing the amount of usable energy you harvest from your solar panels. Here’s a more technical explanation: The electrical output of a solar panel fluctuates throughout the day based on factors like sunlight intensity and temperature. MPPT technology constantly monitors these variables and adjusts the electrical input from the solar panels to ensure they operate at their maximum power point (MPP). This MPP is the point where the solar panel produces the most power for a given amount of sunlight. By continuously tracking and adjusting the input, MPPT controllers significantly improve the overall efficiency of your solar power system, ensuring you extract the most power possible from your solar panels.

Single-Phase Power Output: Ideal for Most Homes

The Sunsynk 5kW inverter delivers single-phase power output. This aligns with the electrical grid configuration for most residential homes. Single-phase power refers to a system with two wires: a hot wire carrying the alternating current (AC) electricity and a neutral wire completing the circuit. The 5kW output capacity is sufficient to power the electrical needs of many small to medium-sized homes. Important Note: If your home has a three-phase electrical grid configuration, a different inverter model might be required. Consult with a qualified solar installer to determine the appropriate inverter for your specific setup.

Grid-Tied Functionality: Seamless Integration with the Utility Grid

As discussed previously, the Sunsynk 5kW boasts grid-tie functionality. This allows your solar power system to seamlessly connect to the utility grid. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:
  • Excess Power Back to the Grid: During periods of high solar production and low energy consumption, any surplus electricity your system generates gets fed back into the grid. Many utility companies offer net metering programs, which essentially credit your account for the power you contribute. These credits can then be used to offset the electricity you draw from the grid at night or on cloudy days.
  • Power During Outages (Optional Generator Support): In some configurations, the Sunsynk 5kW can integrate with a backup generator. During a power outage, the inverter can automatically switch to the generator, ensuring your home has continued access to electricity.

IP65 Rated Enclosure: Built to Withstand Harsh Environments

The Sunsynk 5kW inverter features an IP65 rated enclosure. This rating signifies the inverter’s ability to withstand dust and water ingress. Here’s a breakdown of the IP code:
  • IP: stands for International Protection Marking
  • First Digit (6): Indicates the level of dust protection. In this case, 6 signifies complete protection against dust particles.
  • Second Digit (5): Represents the level of water protection. A rating of 5 indicates the inverter can withstand water jets from any direction.
An IP65 rating ensures the Sunsynk 5kW inverter is well-protected from the elements, making it suitable for outdoor installations.

Mobile App Monitoring (Optional): Convenient System Management

The Sunsynk 5kW offers optional mobile app monitoring capabilities. By adding a separate data logger (sold separately), you can access real-time data and manage your solar power system from anywhere with an internet connection through a user-friendly mobile app. This allows you to:
  • Monitor solar energy production: Track how much electricity your solar panels are generating in real-time.
  • Track power consumption: Gain insights into your home’s overall energy usage.
  • View battery health and status: Monitor the health and performance of your battery system (if applicable).
  • Identify potential issues: The app might alert you to any potential problems with your system, allowing for prompt troubleshooting.
Mobile app monitoring provides a convenient way to stay informed about your solar power system’s performance and take proactive measures to optimize its operation.

Safety Considerations When Using a Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter

Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical systems. Here are some key considerations when using a Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter:
  • Prioritizing Safety: Always follow the installation and operation guidelines outlined in the Sunsynk 5kW inverter’s manual. These guidelines are designed to ensure safe and proper system operation.
  • Understanding System Components and Potential Risks: Familiarize yourself with the different components of your solar power system, including the inverter.
  • Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter: A Look at the Numbers (Costs, Efficiency, etc.)
  • Now that you’ve explored the features and functionalities of the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter, let’s delve into some numbers to help you make an informed decision:
  • Cost Considerations: Breakdown of Inverter Pricing and Installation
  • Inverter Cost: The upfront cost of the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter itself can vary depending on factors like location, retailer, and any ongoing promotions. A ballpark figure typically falls within the range of R20 000 – R22 000.
  • Installation Costs: The installation process typically involves labor costs, permits, and additional electrical components. Installation costs can vary significantly depending on your location, the complexity of the system design, and the chosen installer. Expect a range of $3,000 to $6,000 USD for installation, though this can be higher or lower depending on the specifics of your project.
  • Batteries (Optional): If you opt for battery storage for off-grid or backup power capabilities, battery costs will add to the overall system expense. Lead-acid battery banks might start around $1,000 USD, while lithium-ion battery systems can range from $3,000 USD to $10,000 USD or more, depending on capacity.
  • Understanding Inverter Efficiency: Maximizing Solar Energy Output
  • The Sunsynk 5kW boasts a maximum efficiency rating of around 98%. This translates to minimal energy loss during the conversion process from DC (direct current) generated by your solar panels to AC (alternating current) used in your home. A higher inverter efficiency signifies less wasted energy, maximizing the amount of usable power you harvest from your solar panels.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Calculating Potential Savings
  • Calculating your exact return on investment (ROI) for a solar power system with a Sunsynk 5kW inverter depends on several factors, including:
  • Upfront system cost: This includes the inverter, solar panels, installation, and any optional batteries.
  • Local electricity rates: The higher your electricity costs, the faster you’ll see a return on your investment through reduced electricity bills.
  • Government incentives: Many regions offer rebates, tax credits, or other financial incentives for installing solar power systems. These incentives can significantly reduce your upfront costs and improve your ROI.
  • Solar energy production: The amount of electricity your solar panels generate will directly impact your energy bill savings. Factors like sunlight hours in your location and the size of your solar panel array will influence this.
  • While calculating a precise ROI can vary, estimates suggest a payback period for solar power systems with battery backup (depending on battery type) can range from 5 to 10 years. Following that initial period, you can expect significant savings on your electricity bills for many years to come.
  • It’s important to remember that a solar power system is a long-term investment. While the upfront costs might seem significant, the potential for substantial electricity bill savings over the lifespan of the system, coupled with environmental benefits, makes it a compelling choice for many homeowners.
  • Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter vs. The Competition: Exploring Alternatives
  • The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter is a popular choice, but it’s not the only option on the market. Here’s a brief comparison with some well-known competitors:
  • Deye 5kW Hybrid Inverter: A strong contender with similar features and functionalities to the Sunsynk 5kW. It may offer a slightly lower price point in some regions. Consider factors like warranty terms, customer support, and ease of use when comparing these two inverters.
  • Growatt SPH 5000 Hybrid Inverter: Another comparable option with a focus on user-friendly design and efficient operation. It might be worth exploring if you prioritize a straightforward user experience.
  • Schneider Electric X-Hybrid Inverter: A premium option from a renowned brand, known for its high efficiency and advanced features. This inverter might be suitable if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line solution and are willing to pay a higher price tag.
  • The best inverter for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Carefully evaluate your requirements, compare features offered by different inverters, and consult with qualified solar installers to determine the most suitable option for your solar power system.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to Your Sunsynk 5kW Inquiries
  • Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter:
  • How many panels for a 5kW Sunsynk inverter? (Continued)
  • The ideal number of solar panels for your Sunsynk 5kW inverter depends on the wattage of each individual panel. Here’s how to determine the appropriate number:
  • Check Solar Panel Wattage: Each solar panel has a specific wattage rating, typically ranging from 250 watts to 500 watts or more. Find the wattage rating of the solar panels you’re considering.
  • Calculate Total System Wattage: Divide the Sunsynk 5kW inverter’s capacity (5,000 watts) by the individual solar panel wattage. For example, if you’re considering 400-watt solar panels, divide 5,000 watts by 400 watts/panel, which equals 12.5 panels.
  • Adjust for System Design: The result you obtained in step 2 is a theoretical number. In reality, some power loss occurs during system operation. To account for this, most solar installers recommend using slightly fewer panels than the calculated number. A typical derating factor might be around 10%. In this example, you might install 11 or 12 panels instead of the calculated 12.5 panels.
  • It’s crucial to consult with a qualified solar installer to determine the exact number of solar panels required for your specific system design, considering factors like roof space, sunlight exposure, and your desired level of electricity generation.
  • Are Sunsynk inverters any good?
  • Sunsynk inverters, including the 5kW hybrid model, are generally well-regarded for their:
  • Reliability and Efficiency: Sunsynk inverters boast high efficiency ratings and a reputation for reliable operation.
  • Wide Range of Features: The 5kW hybrid inverter offers features like MPPT solar charge control, grid-tie functionality, and optional generator support.
  • User-Friendly Design: The inverter is known for its clear interface and ease of use.
  • Competitive Pricing: Sunsynk inverters offer good value for their feature set compared to some competitors.
  • However, it’s always wise to compare features and pricing with other inverter options before making a final decision.
  • Is Sunsynk better than Victron?
  • Both Sunsynk and Victron are reputable brands offering high-quality solar inverters. Choosing between them depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a quick comparison:
  • Sunsynk: Might be a more budget-friendly option with a user-friendly design.
  • Victron: Known for its advanced features and programmability, potentially ideal for more complex system configurations.
  • It’s recommended to research both brands and consult with a solar installer to determine which inverter best suits your specific requirements.
  • Conclusion: Embracing a Solar-Powered Future with the Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter
  • The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter presents a compelling option for homeowners looking to harness the power of the sun and take control of their energy needs. With its efficient operation, grid-tie capabilities, and optional battery backup potential, this inverter can significantly reduce your reliance on the utility grid and contribute to a greener future.
  • By carefully considering the information presented in this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed decision about whether the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter is the right fit for your solar power aspirations.
  • Remember to consult with us your qualified solar installers to discuss your specific requirements and design a solar power system tailored to your needs. Embrace the power of the sun and embark on a journey towards energy independence!
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